Thursday, 16 August 2012

NetGirl Flounce ReVisit

I love it when a blogger is able to restyle a piece and it looks completely different - I don't have that talent and everytime I repeat a clothing item, it looks almost the same as the last time.

So it is with today's look.  I wore my NetGirl skirt again for some summer cool.  Everytime I wear this skirt, I love it more.
Pink Calico - NetGirl Skirt and Peach
Where is that cord snaking to?
This time I wore a sleeveless peach tee and a cardigan overtop.  The tee is a lowish v-neck so I buttoned the top button on the cardigan and filled in the area with my alphabet peach scarf.

It went up to 32 degrees C (~ 90F) and felt a bit hotter due to our relatively high humidity here in Lotusland (57% today) but what with air conditioning and an inactive day, I didn't notice the heat at all.

Pink Calico - NetGirl Skirt and Peach

You might wonder why our white doggie has been making an appearance in a few posts.  He is always inserting himself into the photos, so I finally decided to leave him be rather than cropping him out.

Today I wore:
sleeveless v-neck peach t-shirt ... Zara Basics
elbow sleeve peach cardigan ... George
peach alphabet scarf ... EFAD
flounced skirt ... NetGirl
shoes ... BareTraps

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  1. I love this skirt! And the way you've styled it today.

    1. Thanks Terri! You changed your avatar!

  2. like these colours on you, Mun.... xoxox