Thursday, 30 August 2012

Foot Doctor Greys

Today was a flat shoe and pants day due to a podiatrist visit for foot pain.   I decided to wear my grey pants and then as usual went overboard piling on other grey clothing.

It wasn't quite as comfy as I thought it would be - the pants were just out of the  wash and had not bagged out sufficiently. 

The doctor told me all sorts of things about me: one leg is longer than the other and I am slightly pigeon-toed on the left foot.   She was able to tell that just by observing my stance. And here I thought I was relatively symmetrical.

Nothing about why my foot hurts though - need more tests.

So, anyway, I wasn't super pleased with yesterday's scarf organizer, so decided to reloop the scarves.  This time I did a loop in the front and left the scarves dangling down the back.  It's much easier to see all the scarves because a little bit of each scarf shows. 

And, I can easily see that there is room for another 15 or 16 scarves!

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  1. Awesome scarf organizer! The greys look good - you have some great textures going on here. You look symmetrical to me - but asymmetry is much more interesting.

    1. Hi Melanie: They say we all have one side bigger than the other. But I agree: asymmetry - especially in design is waaay better.

  2. Narda, I'm so sorry that I've been absent, and now very late!

    Last year I bought one those scarf hangers too, and gave up using it - because I never thought of doing it your way - with only the loop showing on the front. Brilliant! Now I'll see if I can get it back from my daughter, or buy a new one!

    Your grey outfit is lovely, and not too much grey at all!

    1. Welcome back kaffesoester!
      I really like the scarf organizer too, it is great for those long filmy scarves - and it leaves room in the scarf drawer for the heavier squares ...