Friday, 27 July 2012

Where is Pelican Cove?

When I was in a green-buying mood, in addition to the flippy skirt, I also got another one which is a little straighter, a little shorter but still has a bit of a ruffle.

The tag says Pelican Cove; there are lots of Pelican Coves around the world but I think this used to be a jeans brand a long time ago.   This is the skirt which every time I look at it, think: I could make something like that.  Not including the ruffle, it is just a straight tube with some elastic at the waist - I think.

I wore it with a t-shirt and looked quite long-bodied so tied a scarf around my waist to break up the dark expanse of green. 

Add some accessories and we're off!  This is my Dollar Store necklace with another one from a liquidator's.  I'm very surprised that it's usually the Dollar Store items which get the compliments.

3 Strand Dollar Store Necklace
Here's a closeup of the print on the skirt - I wish they'd lined up the print a bit more.  A quality designer item would have the prints lined up I'm sure.
I thought the pebbly-ness of the scarf matched the dragon scales on the skirt.

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  1. I think I need to take a closer look at dollar store jewelry!

    1. Terri: the Dollar Store has quite good stuff sometimes - and people cannot tell - I've gotten quite a few compliments on dollar items.

  2. I get the "I could make that" feeling sometimes. I could just kick myself when I buy something that's basically a scrap of material and a piece of string. Well, your skirt is nice anyway simple or not.

    1. Hi Sheila: I know right? especially a scarf or something and when you take a close look it's just a piece of cloth!