Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Three Necklaces

Aarrgh! It's cold again, or at least in the morning.

The plan was to wear all creamy ivory colours today, but the day started out grey and threatening.  So I switched in taupe in order to be able to wear a cardi and dark shoes.
Pink Calico: Taupe Outfit

The skirt is one I got a few years ago for $7 at Winners (the Canadian TJ Maxx).  Anything under $9 for a new skirt is a pretty good price methinks.

Not sure if this look is a bit too busy in the front but I like the self-belt on the skirt - it covers all sorts of unsightly bulges.

Pink Calico: Taupe Outfit

And if you have to take off your sweater, there is still something of interest to catch the eye.  The tee was only $3 at the liquidators and I always regret not buying all the colours.  They had red, pink and black also.  It's just a standard collared tee with some gathering at the front plaquet, but is soft comfy and great for when you want something other than a crew neck.

Pink Calico: Taupe Outfit

Not sure if I went overboard on the necklaces - three this time, but I think it looks okay:

Pink Calico: Taupe Outfit

And they all kind of match, colour-wise anyway don't you think?

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  1. I love the skirt! and, no, I don't think you went overboard with the necklaces.

    1. Thanks Terri - haha: I just read a post on overdoing the necklaces and mine looks very plain compared to the examples.