Thursday, 19 July 2012

Fire Drill

When I was putting on my shoes this morning, it looked like it might rain so I grabbed the loafers.  As it turned out this was a good choice.

We have an evacuation drill every year at our workplace and today was the day.  When the alarm sounded, I did my bit as female searcher and then we all trooped down the stairs.

Going down and around 19 flights of stairs relatively quickly always makes me dizzy.  Luckily once we're outside, there's a short period of waiting for the all-clear, and then a longer wait for the elevators to return to our desks. 

It was a lazy day for getting dressed so I just grabbed a tee and matching scarf.  The tee is from Costco from a few years ago; I don't think it was on sale, so it would've been about $9, if it was on sale it would've been $6 - and strange to say: I really cannot remember.

The cute thing is it has a rather asian looking print on one side and a matching one on the back of the opposite shoulder.  I'm sure this tee used to be tighter on me, so the fibre is working.

I read on Jane's blog (the Small Fabric of My Life) that Steven Covey of 7 Habits fame passed away a few days ago.  I feel older.  His works were the basis for a weeklong course we had at work and his teachings still remain with me today years later.

Now I'm off to fix my snake purse - it caught on the drawer in the rush to get out of the office and a bit of it peeled off.  I'm hoping it can be salvaged as it has become my favourite.
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  1. That's a lot of stories to traipse down!

    1. It is a lot of stories; it would be nice to be able to go UP them by the time I get laid off - but I think it's optimistic.

  2. FINALLY! A gal wearing a T that actually FITS and accessorized at that! I'm so weary of seeing oversized T's, some borrowed from the man's drawer, thrown over a pair of sweats, topped off with wet hair. You rock girl!

    1. Thanks Susan: My problem is quite often the T is too tight!