Friday, 20 July 2012

Snake Purse Repair

The hand-me down snake purse from my mom has become my favourite. 

I have quite a few purses and usually try to use a different one every few days.  When I kept coming back to this one, it got me thinking why do I like it so much? What makes a great purse? 

Your must-haves for a purse might be different, but for me, I think a great purse should have the following characteristics:
  • Size: a purse should be big, not briefcase big, but big enough to hold a duo-tang - I have lots of stuff I like to carry around with me.
  • Have some outside pockets, with zippers or snaps so I can get at my transit pass, and access card without having to open the purse itself.
  • Have a zip top closure - I don't like it when things can fall out.
  • Have a few pockets on the inside - both zippered and non for pens, gum, candy and what have you
  • Be a handbag - I like the practicality of a messenger style bag, but nothing beats the look of a handbag; ideally the handles should be long enough to slip over my shoulder when I have a coat on
  • Be able to stand up to a few drops of rain - Lotusland is wet
So, when I damaged the snake purse during yesterday's fire drill, I was none too pleased:

Pink Calico: Snake Purse

Luckily the ripped piece was in the desk drawer, so I slipped it into my wallet for repair later.  I used that Weld-Bond non-toxic glue again. 

Here's the before:

Pink Calico: Snake Purse

And here's the after:

Pink Calico: Snake Purse

It's not perfect, but you have to look quite closely to see that it's been fixed! Not bad.

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  1. I'd say that the repair was a success...and you may have given me an idea to salvage the handle on my favorite book bag.

    1. Hi Terri: I think it helped a lot that the purse has those textured bits - glad to have helped in salvaging your book bag. I am a little like that too, fix something until it's no longer fixable.

  2. So glad you were ale to repair it, have one bag that tore up, it's vintage and it's falling apart, unfortunately I can't fix it so it's been sitting in my closet for the longest time.

    1. Oh, don't you hate that Shey? Especially if it's a nice one and you don't quite know what to do with it.