Tuesday, 24 July 2012

More for Less

Do you ever buy something on a regular basis and then one day think that the package or box or bottle looks smaller?  or that it is less full?  It happens to me a lot, but I usually never have an older package on hand to compare.

So I was at Costco the other day and bought some Lysol wipes.  I noticed that the package came with four containers and remember thinking didn't it used to be three? but thought nothing of it.  I put the new wipes away as we still had a few left under the sink.

The old wipes came with a white lid (above) while the new ones had a nice happy looking yellow lid:

But what I didn't realize until today when I opened a new batch was that the new ones were in a much smaller package.

Here they are side by side:
We Kill Germs !!!
And here is a view looking down on the tops, you can really tell the difference in diameter:

The old ones had 3 containers of 110 wipes each making a total of 330 wipes.
Although the new packages have 4 containers, each only has 80 wipes for a total of 320.  Somewhere in the mix we got downsized: more packaging but 10 wipes less.

You would think the cost of the extra material for the container would be way more than those 10 little wipes.

I hate that feeling of paying more for less.

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  1. I hate this feeling too and I've seen this on all kinds of products, from coffee to ice cream. And think of all the extra packaging waste this creates as well.

    1. Even the dog biscuits have gotten thinner! Don't think the dogs noticed though...