Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Wanko ?!?

Today is Take Your Kid to Work day, so my younger son accompanied me to work.  The company arranged some activities and then for part of the day he followed or job-shadowed me.

Pink Calico - Wanko

I wore this WANKO jacket - don't you just love the name?  But mostly open for most of the day.

Pink Calico - Wanko

What does my son think of my work?  Boring.

I missed yesterday's post due to being super busy but here are some pics:

Pink Calico - Mango

As you can see, I'm trying out Melanie's "bra" look - it was purely by accident as I wanted to wear the tube skirt up - to avoid the thickness around the waist.

Pink Calico - Mango

Again, apologies for the photos - but at least I (just now) think I've figured out why - we'll know tomorrow.

today i wore:
pyramid top ... fancy lady
scarf ... ?
jacket ... wanko
skirt ... reitmans
bamboo tights ... ?

yesterday i wore:
t-shirt ... joe fresh
"bra top" ... mango
tube skirt ... jessica
drapey cardigan ... lsw
tights ... dollar store

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  1. "Wanko", oh yes, that sounds like a fun name! I'm going to google it right now and see with other kinds of styles they have.
    O.K. just looked it up on Ebay. A few things came up along with a lot of Japanese animation.
    Your Wanko is wonderful. I'll keep up the search for mine...

    1. Whoa, I just looked it up too, LOTS of Japanese animation.

  2. Sorry that little J thought your work was boring... did you treat him to lunch at a fun place? love Mom xoxoxox

    1. They actually supplied the breakfast and lunch. Breakfast was fabulous - in addition to fresh fruit, pastries etc they had whipped yogourt with granola style topping and honey.