Thursday, 1 November 2012

Peplum It !

Today I was unsure how to wear a top.  It was not as loose and floppy as it looked on the hanger - poor visualization? or weight gain?  not sure.

My original idea was to wear it solo like this:
Pink Calico - Green Hiatus
But I had pictured it to be looser and more drapey.  Instead it was tighter and form-fitting.  That would've been fine, but we all know how I hate that long-body look - at least on myself.  So I peplumed it by adding a belt and pulling the top up a bit:

Pink Calico - Green Hiatus

It still felt a little body-conscious, so I added a jacket:
Pink Calico - Green Hiatus
And of course ended up with my usual work uniform ... aaargh!

It turned out okay in the end - but what this outfit did show me is that I do not have a scarf for this colour combination!  So I had to resort to black.

today i wore
green top ... hiatus
black t-shirt ... joe fresh
jacket ... jessica
grey skirt ... kenneth cole
tights ... calvin klein
boots ... spanish army boots

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  1. Hey, i really like the look Narda. Esp without the jacket. :)

  2. methinks the long body look is great!!!! Sans jacket is better, I agree with Far...

    xoxoxox love Mom

  3. I like this outfit all accessorized but you can totally wear it like the first photo too. Looks great!