Thursday, 8 November 2012

Curvy Purple Sweater

When my brother was little, one of his favourite colours was purple; today, it is one of my favourite colours.  It's been getting colder, and I've been wanting to wear this sweater for a while, so today was a good day.

Pink Calico - Purple Sweater
What caught my eye in addition to the colour was the curviness of the lines.  The shawl collar also has scalloped lettuce trim edges.

Pink Calico - Purple Sweater

It's really soft too and light.  There's just one giant button in the middle to hold it closed.

Pink Calico - Purple Sweater
I like how it opens up to highlight the waist area - although I didn't have any special belt or anything to show.  I teamed it with the grey skirt so as not to look overly dark.

Pink Calico - Purple Sweater
I also really like the sleeves - they are super long and stick out from my coat sleeves, which I think looks more modern than when they don't.

Pink Calico - Purple Sweater

today i wore:
l/s t-shirt ... kenneth cole
curvy sweater ...striking
grey skirt ... kenneth cole
nubby tights ... calvin klein
shoes ... privo?
+ "silk feeling polyester" scarf !

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  1. I really love those sleeves, but it's hard to see the rest of the outfit. It sounds fantastic and I your smile in that last photo is great.

  2. Your sweater is great, both warm and feminine. I love your scarf too, and the red brooch. I don't think your need a belt with the sweaters lovely features.