Tuesday, 27 November 2012

That Paisley Shirt Again

Do you like to match your clothes to your bag?  I certainly do; so today was another brown day so as not to have to change my purse.

I think all the items in today's outfit have been seen before.  I have on my Wanko jacket again.

Pink Calico - Paisley Shirt

It has become a favourite; it's a knit jacket, so is curve hugging and the best part is that it fits easily under my coats.

Pink Calico - Paisley Shirt

I also wore that paisley shirt from Spain over a reddish/burgundy t-shirt.

Pink Calico - Paisley Shirt

It was quite cold yesterday so today I wore a longer skirt and my big-mistake tights. 

You can't see them because I also wore knee-high socks over them but here is a pic:  They are from the dollar store - can you tell? 

Pink Calico - Mismatched Tights

Actually, I think the dollar store got them at a liquidator's or something because the price stickers were stuck on (instead of printed on) and the tights had a manufacturer's name and address.

Surely this was a production line mistake?  Why would they make tights with a mismatched print?  and a big seam down the side of the leg?

I'm glad they only cost $1 and not the suggested retail price of $15 which was on the package.  Now I'll know to check the pattern before buying.

today i wore:
reddish t-shirt ... old navy
paisley shirt ... ? ... mercadillo, spain
brown jacket ... wanko
long skirt ... london fog
tights ... dollar store
knee highs ... secret
booties ... pera mela

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  1. That jacket really has a great shape! Now that you mention it I haven't got any jackets that fit under my coats. If I want to add a jacket to my outfits I have to bring them in a bag, and put them on later - not very practical!

    I do like the way you drape you scarf. If I do the same it never stays in place, it will fall down or sit on one should only!

    Your tights do look funny, maybe they're in the dollar store because that's the only way to get rid of them, without exactly throwing them out?

    1. I'm thinking the same ... maybe the manufacturer sold them at a huge discount due to the funny seam and they got bought up by the dollar store.