Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Dex by Any Other Name

It was Jeans Day for United Way so I wore my grey jeans.  Instead of collecting money like in previous years, we just got stickers to wear.  I think it was more an awareness campaign to donate by payroll deduction.

Although they have more than 1% spandex, these jeans are still not bagged out, so I can wear them in public.

Pink Calico - Dex Tunic Sweater

I teamed them with a short-sleeved tunic/sweater.  The sweater has funny pyramid shaped studs across the front.  It's Dex, but I think of it as Dexter for some reason.

Pink Calico - Dex Tunic Sweater

The sweater is thick but short sleeved, so I never know what to wear underneath to avoid the cold arms syndrome.  I wore two long-sleeved t-shirts: a black one with a light grey one underneath.

Pink Calico - Dex Tunic Sweater

The black t-shirt is actually a hand-me-up from my oldest son.

Pink Calico - Dex Tunic Sweater

Then I tied a hair scarf round my neck - not sure if I like the result.  It's a little too shiny and bow-like. 

today i wore:
grey t-shirt ... kenneth cole
black t-shirt ... generations
tunic/sweater ... dex
jeans ... calvin klein
booties ... doc martens

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