Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Grey, Green and Loafers

After yesterday's wildly hypnotic skirt, I wanted to project a more professional look.

Pink Calico: Grey Jacket

The grey jacket is a new item in this outfit - it is from the Sears outlet $9 and today is the first time I've worn it.  I love the Sears outlet and am not sure what clothes shopping will be like without it.  Rumours are that Sears will be replaced by either Nordstrom or Macy's, both good stores but I doubt the prices will be as low.

The jacket is a nice light weight, with room to move and hides all manner of figure flaws.  Luckily Big J noticed that I hadn't removed the tags! 

Pink Calico: Grey Jacket

The blouse has quite a V-neck and I had a horrible time trying to find a scarf which would go.  Finally went with a dollar store necklace and a scarf which had some of the same colours.  Terri of Rags against the Machine was writing about a buying mood and this blouse was one of several greenish items I got last summer.

Pink Calico: Grey Jacket
The shoes are yet another pair from Spain from several years ago.  Loafers are a lot more popular in Europe than they are here.  You see them on both men and women, especially with jeans - although the younger set are wearing converse-style canvas shoes now.

btw: I've added a "How To" page to the blog - this is just a listing of useful (methinks)  fashion-related info that I've found while reading/surfing the interwebs.  There's not too much right now, but it will surely grow.

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  1. Hi Narda, I like Sears too. Sometimes they have surprisingly cute stuff. I especially like the Land's End department, it kind of reminds me of a cross between J.Crew and Eddie Bauer.

    1. Hey Sheila! I think Sears is often overlooked - and yet they quite often have good prices.