Friday, 29 June 2012

Big Brown Multi Scarf

It looked like a grey day.  It looked like it would rain.  It looked cold.  But no.  I had waaaay too much clothing on today: tank top, t-shirt, long-sleeve, scarf, jacket AND a coat.  It was hot.

The scarf is my new (not really new, just never seen on the blog before) thrifty item.  It was normally $20 but I got it for $4.  There was a blue one too, which looked like it would go great with denim, but I got the brown.  It's one of those prints that is often called "multi".  It is really just a big piece of fabric frayed a bit on the ends.  But I like it.  It's light and goes with a lot of stuff, and it's big.

I sometimes wonder why I wear scarves so much.  Is it a crutch?  Is it like Linus' security blanket?  Could I step out of my comfort zone and go for a week without wearing a scarf?  Hmmm.  I feel a personal challenge coming up ....

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  1. I don't think wearing scarves is a crutch. In fact, I wish I was better at wearing them.

    1. It's weird for me because I automatically reach for a scarf even if just going to the supermarket ...