Friday, 22 June 2012

Graduation Day

Today was my son's middle school graduation day.  When I was young you could only graduate from high school and university.   Now though you can also graduate from elementary school and even kindergarten and pre-school! I guess it's to give kids a sense of accomplishment.

I noticed that it does seem to increase consumerism and fashion-consciousness especially in the young girls who are decked out in fancy dresses, high heels and even makeup. At least no one fell off their shoes this year.

The day started out nice and sunny and I considered wearing a bright coral skirt but changed my mind at the last minute and wore this instead:

The top is the peach one which gives a bit of colour but without too much flash.  I tried mixing it with beigey tones this time but don't know if it goes well or not.

The long skirt is a Mantles (an HBC line) that I got for $9 a year or two ago but never wore. As it turned out, the length was good as the day got colder and greyer and by afternoon it was pouring.

Not too pleased with the shoes though - now that I see the shot.  They're a little too yellow toned, should've went with the darker pair.  And the tights are too white.  Funny how I don't see this in the mirror when dressing.

So, is anyone else having problems with the latest Firefox?  I haven't been able to comment on blogs or even reply.  I've switched to IE, for blogging, but don't really like it.  It must be a setting or something which needs to be tweaked. 

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  1. Hm, I've not had any trouble with the new Firefox except that it didn't like my virus software initially. Congratulations to your son. I like all of the colors in this outfit, to include the tights.

    1. Thanks Terri - The colour combination is not one that I would have normally gone with - but now with the blog I'm starting to experiment.

  2. This long skirt is really great - I wish I could find one too - it would suit the local climate! I have had trouble with Firefox as well - suddenly it will shot down - or not allow actions on blogger: Updating, commenting etc. It's annoying but I think IE is even worse!

    Congratulations to your son - and to yourself!

    1. Hi kaffesoester! Don't you just love long skirts? They are so much easier, you don't have to worry about them rising up too high when you sit down and they are great for the wind. I've given up on firefox for blogging - just going to wait for the next update.