Friday, 25 November 2011

UpSize a T-Shirt

It's quite easy to downsize a big t-shirt, but sometimes you need to upsize a shirt if it's a bit too revealing.  I like my clothing a little looser so you don't see all the lumps and bumps underneath.
I tried it out on an old t-shirt.  You need a long-sleeved one because the sleeves are used for the extra material.  If you are good at mixing fabrics, textures etc you could use a different fabric - but I'm completely useless at that.

This one was done quite a while ago, so I only have after shots, but here is a pic of what you have to do.
Upsize Tshirt Refashion

  • First you have to measure everything.  Always measure and re-measure to be sure you have enough material.
  • Decide where you want your sleeves to end (remembering to include room for the sleeve hem).  Make sure that the cut-off part of the sleeve (the blue) when doubled (there are 2 sides to the sleeve) and joined together is enough to span the length of the complete side of the t-shirt from hem to sleeve (this is shown by the red line)
  • Re-measure before cutting.
  • You can include the hem of the original sleeve and sew to the hem at the bottom of the t-shirt.

Here are some after pics.

This is the side insert:

Upsize Tshirt Refashion

This is the front:

Upsize Tshirt Refashion

Et voila!  Upsized and wearable!

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