Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Apologies, Mr Miyake

I read an article in a fashion magazine about young moderns and it girls in London taking scissors to designer duds and creating their own look.  Hah! I thought, who would slice up designer clothing?  Who even has designer clothing to slice up?

Then I came across an Issey Miyake zig-zag vest.  It's in that currently popular zig-zag that Missoni uses but is from several seasons ago:

Vest Refashion
I could button it up, but it was a bit on the tight side.  Several months passed while I thought about how to personalize it.  Then my favourite notions store had some stuff on sale, which I bought and just left in the sewing box.

Finally one day I  took the plunge and proceeded to slice up the sides.  I ended up putting a fabric piece into each side and criss-crossing some suede strips over it.  I think it looks okay:
Vest Refashion
You can't really see it when it's on, but it adds a bit of interest if you move.

Project Post-mortem
  • It still feels unfinished and I'm looking for some very dark dark brown trim to finish it off
  • I also hate the buttons and will probably replace them with something darker and perhaps slightly shiny
  • Now that I'm doing the weight loss thing, I might just sew it back up when the countdown clock gets down to zero. 

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