Thursday, 24 November 2011

Scarf for a Blustery Day

Another windstorm today (they say up to 100 kmh) so perfect time to talk about a warm & fuzzy scarf I made from 2 scraps of fabric.  I was browsing magazines in the grocery store and saw a "simple" scarf project in one of the sewing magazines.  It was fleece on one side and silk on the other and looked fairly simple.

Even though I don't sew, I'm an obsessive scrap fabric collector and just happened to have a small piece of fuzzy fabric which seemed about the right size for a long narrow scarf.  It's either a thick fleece or a faux fur, don't really know.  I had to cut it in half (it was more square than rectangular) and sew the two pieces together at one end. I also had another piece, not silk but something thinner for the other side (it's the same fabric I used for one of the "flowers" on the Jean Bag Project). 

I just stitched them right sides together and then flipped it right-side out. 

Here's a pic:
Scarf Refashion

It's a bit clumsy looking if you look closely - the "silk" side is wrinkly - it might be too big or something.  But, it's cozy, goes well with black, brown, grey clothing and since I always wear it with the fuzzy side up, you can't tell.

Project Post-mortem:

  • It's a bit too short to stay in place by itself - you can't wrap it around your neck, you have to just have it crossed over in front, so I'm thinking of putting a hair elastic on the "silk" side to insert one end through
  • This project would probably be easier with a thinner fabric on the fuzzy side.  I think it was the fuzziness which caused the "silk" side to wrinkle.
But, all in all, I'm quite proud of this one.

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