Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Welsh Cape

My mom has had this Welsh Cape ever since I was quite small and I've always liked it, and in fact commented on it in a previous post. When I was in Spain I noticed that she still had it and she gave it to me!

I was glad that the weather turned cold and rainy again as it gave me a chance to wear it:

Here is a close-up of the pattern, and you can check out my $1 bracelets:

Also wore my shortie Spanish Boots:

They are made for pilgrimage walks and are usually worn with a longer flouncy skirt.

My outfit today was a bit cool for the weather - especially with semi-exposed arms:

This is a very strange top that has almost every type of embellishment all concentrated in the neck area: faux fur, beading, lace and ruffles.  I think that's why I bought it!

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  1. The cape is just gorgeous. I love the pattern on it. And I'm very curious to know more about the boots.

    1. Hi Terri! The boots are from Spain of course. They are hand-made and feature the relatively new lug-type sole which is more suited to the weather here (usually boots have a leather sole since Spain is so dry).

      The buckle and tassel detail is a traditional style element and is used for both the knee high and shortie boots.

  2. Looks good on you, Mun!!!
    xoxoxox Love Mom...

  3. That's a beautiful cape!

    1. Thanks Shey! It's really well made too and has lasted sooo many years.