Sunday, 18 March 2012

Restaurant Revisit

So we decided to go back to the restaurant from the Chinese New Year dinner. This time though, I did have a camera.  Here is a general pic of some of the dishes.  Chinese banquets are usually eaten at a round table with a lazy susan so that everyone is equi-distant from the food.  And, you can all face each other and chat.
Pink Calico: Chinese Dinner

This dish is originally done with beef, but we got it with fish.  It is a soupy dish, comes with noodles on the bottom and red chili peppers.  Quite yummy.

Pink Calico: Chinese Dinner

We also ordered crab which came cooked 2 ways: just plain and fried in batter (not shown but extremely healthy, LOL)

Pink Calico: Chinese Dinner

We also had lobster.  The chinese way to eat lobster is to steam and then cook it up in a sauce:

Pink Calico: Chinese Dinner

We had other stuff like a chicken and spinach dish, yang-chow fried rice and "meat cookie" which is a pork dish which the restaurant made with salt cod.  I love salt cod, but must admit that I prefer my grandmother's version of the meat cookie which she made with water chestnuts and ginger.

The highlight, since it was Big J's birthday, was a chocolate truffle cream puff cake.

Pink Calico: Birthday Cake

Look's like the weight-loss goes out the door this week.

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  1. Well, I don't really like seafood but that cake looks delicious. :) I do love Chinese food though. Mandarin chicken is my favorite.

  2. yum...I like chinese banquets...they are usually at least 8 courses. Eat till you drop! I like your spread, looks really sumptuous. That looks like Ma puo tofu, one of my favorite dishes, and crab...yes...I like it plain, black peppered, or chilli flavored. How nice to have the crab de-shelled nicely for you, normally we have to bite off all the shells. haha..


  3. Wow, the dishes look yummy! I do not eat seafood much, but the lobster dish sounds delicious!! Hope you are having a wonderful day!
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  4. These dishes look amazing! I could totally go for some of this right now.
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  5. It has been years since I've enjoyed a meal served in this manner. I love the idea as it allows a diner to sample many dishes at once.